Monument Restoration

At East Coast Memorials, our cemetery technicians are experienced in all aspects of monument repair and cleaning. If you have a granite or marble marker that has settled or is leaning call us for a quote. Also, granite, bronze, and marble will naturally weather and become unsightly. Oftentimes trees will stain markers and monuments. We are experts at cleaning granite, bronze and marble and, in most instances, restore them to their original beauty. You will be surprised at how inexpensive these services can be. Tree damage or vandalism to a grave marker or memorial is an area we specialize in also.  We have successfully restored and repairs markers dating back hundreds of years.


East Coast Memorials Disclaimer


The information contained on this page is for illustrative general information purposes only provided  by East Coast Memorials. The illustrative monuments are shown in an “as is” condition and were not provided to any customer by East Coast Memorials. The company that produced the monuments from the unknown monument company shall remain unknown and is used by East Coast Memorials for illustrative product information. Again, the monuments listed are for illustrative purposes only and are memorials of an unknown monument company and isn't the superior craftsmanship of East Coast Memorials. We can fix your current monument or replace that another company has already placed for you. We pride ourselves always to deliver the best in our quality memorials, monuments, and headstones. 

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